Here we go again…!

Yep…. we are in December already…can’t believe it, it just passed too fast…!

2 weeks for my birthday!!! I’m so excited, although I’m getting old…but I just love my birthday, don’t know why…maybe it’s the time of the year as well, it makes me feel so full of hope!!! Yes, I’m an optimistic!

Tomorrow is my last saturday of work…when I say “last” this time, it sounds so weird because it’s really the last one…I mean, every year I feel happy  but knowing that in March everything starts over again…but next year, it won’t! And it feels weird…

I’ve been working at this school for such a long time, that I just can’t imagine myself out of it…I know that everybody gets used to changes, but it will be a huge change for me in all aspects….I feel that this experience I’m about to have in France is gonna be something really different, good, strange, awesome, all at the same time…

I’ll be far from my family (I’ve never spent more than a month without them..), my friends, I’m gonna quit my job…and I always felt so safe there, but I just feel it’s the moment of getting out of the comfort zone…!

Anyway, just to uptade my au pair process…This week I received my enrollment letter from the school in France, the family sent me by post. And they also sent me a lot of pictures of the kids, and the snow, sooooo beautiful! I’m so excited!

So I guess that’s it! I just hope I can write something this weekend, but not on the blog…I muuust finish my final paper, which is driving me crazy!!!!

And just before I go and to start getting into the Santa Claus spirit, I’m sharing this video that I saw today, it’s a Christma’s song by Cold play, which I just loooove!

See you!!!



Sobre Au pair in France

Quem sou eu? Sou uma mogiana cheia de histórias, meio perdida as vezes, mas sempre acabo me encontrando!
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